Are you ready for a positive change? Take the first steps to more energy and focus with a personalized nutrition consultation!


is the right time. What are you waiting for?




2019 in underway. Have you set your health intentions for this week?

To achieve these goals make small habit changes that build upon one another.

Foreward movement...

Personalized nutrition programs that suit YOUR body's needs and allows you to function at your best.


It's time...

If building, supporting, and sustaining overall health and performance is a goal you've had in mind for some time. Now is the right time. We start from where you are today.

With persistence, accountability and some work (yes, work) we will achieve goals step by step and move forward.

We will focus on YOUR individual nutritional needs and health goals ensuring sustainable change over time. 

2019 is here... 

Get in touch today and see how I can support you in achieving your nutritional goals in a sustainable way that will make 'dieting' a thing of the past.


with whole foods.


in reaching your health goals.


wellness in your life.

What does your body need to reach its potential?

How are you feeling?

Ready to have energy, be balanced, feel healthy and full of vitality? 

Using whole foods that nourish your body, we set realistic goals that build on a foundation to help you thrive and sustain wellness over time. 

Monika Bock, DHN

A holistic nutritionist who works with individuals ready to reach their health and wellness goals by ensuring their diet and lifestyle allows them to function at their best. Monika manages her own autoimmune disease through diet and is based in Munich, Germany and San Francisco, California. 

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